What dressage IS NOT

Unfortunately, as in every sport, there is a dark side to dressage. In a sport that trains for harmony, expression, and above-par communication between animal and human, there are always going to be people who do not want to put in the EFFORT to be successful. Much like people who are willing to do do steroids to get their dream body instead of actually putting in the time and effort necessary to get it the genuine way. Rollkur, AKA Hyperflexion, AKA low, deep, and round (LDR), is a way of training that inflicts not only physical harm but emotional and mental harm on a horse. In a study where horses who were given two options to go towards an arena where a horse was trained correctly verses an arena where the horse was Rollkured, horses chose 10 out of 10 times to go to the arena where they were trained correctly. It’s a possibility that due to the horses we are breeding for modern day events, it’s nearly impossible to train a horse “classically” due to the sheer size of the horse, but I call bullshit. You can tell when a horse has been trained with rollkur methods. Put a classically trained dressage horse next to one that’s been trained rollkur and it’s obvious. But rollkured horses when because in the end, they are usually the bigger, flashier, more modern types of horses that judges are wanting to see in dressage verses classical old style horses. So to outline the problem, the FEI needs to put in new horse welfare laws to ban Rollkur, horses who are being rollkured need to have scores docked down, and breeders need to stop breeding for front end flash and more for back end impulsion, the ability to sit, and have an active hind leg. Three problems. No definite fix. Here is the proof that all three need changing. This rider is winning, even with this video viral. Change needs to be on the horizon. 



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